My purpose is to help you maximize your true potential while giving you THE NECESSARY TOOLS to turn your passion into a life.



    • This service includes a 1 hr discussion, where we dissect who you really are, where your strengths & weaknesses lie and how we can maximize them both; and most importantly what your passion is and what we can do to achieve the goals that align with it. 


    • This service includes a thorough revision of your resume from content to format. I will take my time to edit your design layout and refine each experience description to make sure the tone, style, and articulation is fluid. 

  • INTERNSHIP AND INTERVIEW HELP + $15 (additional $5 for networking service)

    • This service includes a deep dive into the internship hunt and interview preparation process. If you need assistance finding internships, I will curate a list of opportunities + companies that are best fit for you. We will work on your application(s) and ensure you are ready for your interview through practice Skype and phone calls. Networking is also a valuable component of this service. Not only am I highly skilled at helping people build their network base, I also have a deep network that I can tap into to help you in your professional journey. 

    • This service includes email and social media etiquette help. Whether you need to draft an email to an employer, set up a professional Twitter, or create a website, I will guide you and make sure everything is formatted appropriately. This service also includes LinkedIn revamp, where we build your new or existing profile and help you connect with the right people. 

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*If you need to request a different time other than the ones provided please add a note in your booking and I will try my best to work with you!

*Payments can be done after you have completed your booking, thanks!


See what people are saying about my services!
"Rarely you meet people who are born to inspire, and Buku is one of those people. It is Buku's dedication and advice that helped me build the foundation and confidence to reach even higher. Buku was my mentor at my time at Miami University and to this day I can still contact Buku to motivate me. I've never met someone with so much passion when they speak that you can feel the positive energy. I recommend any young student that is a need of a mentor that will 100% help them progress to contact Buku, I can guarantee you will be thankful. She truly is the advocate of passion!"
- Anisha Pal, 20, Loyola University Chicago 

"As a young professional, I have learned the importance of finding your passion while creating your personal brand. I would be remiss if I didn’t give Buku credit for being an inspiration, and such a great help, when it came to discovering my passion and creating a solid foundation for my brand. I couldn’t think of a better person to help, motivate, and encourage those who are seeking to find their way in the professional world. Buku has the type of positive energy that you feed off of and will make you want to take your brand and professionalism to the next level! She will go above and beyond, and work tirelessly, for anyone who seeks her help. Even when the going gets tough, you never see her sweat, and she always prevails. Everyone needs someone like Buku in their corner! Working with her is one of the best decisions you can make and I guarantee you will not regret it!"
Imani Steele, 19, Miami University  
"Who knew that a mentor could be just a year older than you? I didn’t. Buku and I met during our internship at ABC. Not only did she become a friend, but an inspiration. As most college students do, I had difficulty defining what steps I needed to take to be successful in internship hunting. Buku was right there to review my resume, mock-interview me, and give me encouragement to be the best I could be.To this day, I can always count on her to have an answer to my question or give me the guidance to reach the answers I am seeking. She truly listens to where your concerns are and gives you the confidence to turn your doubts into opportunities. I would recommend Buku to speak to those who are in the very beginnings of their careers and to those who are in need of some new inspiration."
- Brianna Chacon, 21, St. Edwards University
"I came into my freshman year feeling very overwhelmed and lost. Buku took the time to meet with me, on multiple occasions, to sit down and mentor me. She truly inspired me to find what I was passionate about and within that I would find my confidence.I went from a nervous freshman whom doubted herself, to a proud student interning at multiple corporate companies, feeling confident on representing who I am."
- Tara Miller, 20, Miami University
"I reached out to Ibukun through Twitter because I noticed her current position at adidas aligned with my future career plans. She was very enthusiastic about helping me build my personal brand, finding internships, and developing my resume. Her passion for helping others succeed has helped me believe in myself. Thanks to Ibukun, I now have the inspiration to keep pursing my passion! She is now my go-to person for all things career wise and is such an amazing mentor! "
-Grace Ekoja, 19, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"It has been a pure pleasure working with Ms. Ibraheem; she has a knack for brand positioning and is extremely professional in all aspects of business. She’s a great idealist, driven and her vision for trend is impeccable. I look forward to a continued professional relationship with Ibukun!"
-James Bates, 37, Crush Imaging Studios
"Buku is awesome! She is the definition of passionate in every sense of the word. she is also a fun loving person that shows care for everyone she comes in contact with."
- Kenny Glenn, 19, Miami University