the my passion, my life scholarship story

Throughout my college career I have been fortunate enough to work several internships to further my professional development, but not everyone has the luxury of being able to relocate to a new city to take advantage of these opportunities. I've met countless students who have had to make sacrifices when it comes to internships, either by taking out loans to afford relocation or simply turning down the offer because the move is too costly. 

This realization led me to create the My Passion, My Life Scholarship. Its mission is to help a deserving undergraduate, graduate student, or recent graduate who has accepted a full-time summer internship with $1,000 that will go towards their relocation. Whether it be airfare, housing, transportation, groceries or even course credit, it will support them in their journey of turning their passion into a life. 

I awarded the inaugural recipient, Kailyn Sanders, in June and I look forward to continuing this annual honor!

Read more about Kailyn below. 

2017 passion scholar | kailyn sanders 

Kailyn is a rising senior at the University of Georgia majoring in advertising with a minor in communications. She has accepted a full-time summer internship at Droga5, a top advertising agency in New York City, as an account management intern. Her goal is to increase minority presence in media and communications industry.

Learn more about how she plans to use this internship to turn that passion into a life: LinkedIn:


recipient announcement video

Here's the video of me calling Kailyn to let her know she received the award!

2017 scholarship judges  

The Board of Directors have been my mentors throughout college and are responsible for helping to evaluate the applicants and mentor the recipient of the award.